Any relationship that sex and our Mindsets does not break,will last forever.
I have so much reasons for writing on this topic today.

One is the issue of Sex after Child Birth.I can not really tell how many months a nursing mother is to wait before she resumes love making with her husband,as this issue seem to run some Sex freaks mad.I mean both male and female and sometimes females who feels insecure in this moment of wait.As they get so sure that their husbands may be curing their sexual urge outside.Well! that I can not say,because men differs and some women can still Satisfy their husbands in another way best known to them.

It is very good to know that such moments are often the trying moments and thus couples needs use more of the mind to think than let their urge take the best part of them.

Another part am to talk of is still linked to child bearing and it has to do with the difference in size.Normally there must be slight or much difference on the woman’s side after child birth,as the walls of her vaginal may get lose to compare to what it use to be.There are bound to be changes after birth. But how it is managed depends on the mind of the couples.The woman may suddenly feel her husband’s organ has grown small and she no longer gets satisfied or the man may suddenly feel she is no longer ok for him.
The question here is;Should your wives stop having kids just to be tight for you?or you as a woman,don’t you want to give birth because you want to enjoy sex all the days of your life?Well! You both need to work on your mindsets before you push each other away.

The third is libido.Some partners have high libido and may want more of sex than the other.So this often leads to misunderstanding between partners.I think sacrifices are required in this case,but it will not be one sided.Sometimes the partner with low libido have to try and give in to the other’s desires and other times it is left for the partner with high libido to consider his/her partner and freestyle him/her.
There is no problem that does not have a way out.

As for the issue of sizes,I think it will be very important for people to discuss sex before marriage.Am s

aying these because of the issue of marriage before sex.

Is the act of discussing sex also a sin? better a broken courtship than a broken Marriage.Try not to say you are not told,but if you are already in,try and manage your package by looking for other ways to satisfy each other.Change positions…Study Kama-Sutra it will help add flavor to your sexual life.but try not to force your partner to take on positions he/she never wants or likes or put it to him/her as a must do.Remember he/she is your partner not your Sex Toy you can control anyhow.That person have a mind of his/her own,so it’s a mind thing.

The last issue I will handle will be the issue of allowing your partner beg for so long until the urge is dead,Before giving on.That is nonsense!!!.If you know you will give in at last,give in from the beginning and try not to kill the spirit or add anxiety to it only to complain later.Don’t you know the mind has lots to play in such cases?What is the essence for all the struggles when you know you will finally accept?
Bachelors wait,am not talking of a bachelor that wants to steal what he has not paid for.The girl has every right to close her legs.
Am talking of Married couples that finds joy in struggling before sex,how sure are you that your partner enjoys that kind of struggles?thinking of it can even make him or her forget about approaching you for sex.Which you will get to suffer later;By time you need same,and receive same refusal,You will understand how it feels to be rejected by a partner.Except you have plans of going outside,which this write up is not for.Use your mind and fix the problem.

I will rest my case here,so I don’t bore you with much talks.But remember your mind have a long role to play in your sexual life,to enable your relationship work for good.
If you don’t discuss sex with your partner my dear you have to start doing that.To enable you get solution from inside than look for it outside.

A friend will say;Babe my man is not something to write about and I just don’t know how to teach him,so he doesn’t feel am spoiled.Teach him or her please. In marriage pretense can not solve anything.Just look for a way to do it.infact tell him where to touch you and let him do same and stop feeling he is getting it right,whereas he is getting it all Wrong.Body systems are not the same,What worked for A ,may not work for B.

Truth be told,some couples were someone Exes ,that have experienced Sex before marriage .So it may be a case of putting a new wine in an old bottle.All you need is patience.

Vickie Igbokwe



When you make me cry in the still of the night. Wishing you are all mine,and I’m not sharing you with another.You kill me softly.

When you make me wished I had spent my life with someone else,But you.You kill softly.

When you make me regret ever meeting you in life .You kill me softly.

When all I do,Never seem good before you.You kill me softly.

When all my love is thrown to the dogs.You kill me softly.

When you are hardly home,and yet I know you are not as busy as you claim to be. You kill me softly.

When you cannot call or take my calls,Let alone call back,After a missed call. You kill me softly.

You may not know you are responsible for someone else’s death. But you can actually kill someone’s Spirit,By doing those things that hurts to the marrow ,and lead to a down casted spirit. Which is #depression .

Please stop killing me Softly.